3rd Grade Students Look Back In Time

Meadowlark’s 3rd grade students recently began their journey back in time to recount the events of Sheridan County history. With help from the third grade textbook The History of Sheridan, Wyoming written and revised by Judy Musgrave, students are beginning to build up background knowledge of what our town was like before John D. Loucks had his vision, or before the railroad came steaming through, or better yet, before they found black gold buried deep underground.

Throughout the month of May students and teachers will head out on the town for a variety of field trips to support the learning happening in class and enhance students’ understanding of this meaningful topic.

Throughout the months of April and May, our students will visit and learn about the following locations:

  • Sheridan Inn and Museum
  • King’s Museum
  • Spring Creek Coal Mine
  • Guest Speaker Wayne Baumen as Buffalo Bill
  • Guest Speaker Aunt Rose, former employee of the Kendrick’s
  • Trails End Historical Site & Kendrick Park
  • Eaton’s Ranch
  • Trolley Tour around town