After School Program: FUN FRIDAY on 03/06/15

by Jocelyn R., Guest Reporter for the ASP

IMG_0091On March 6th, a very kind lady named Karen St.Clair came to show the afterschool students how to make Morse Code bracelets.  Morse Code is a way to communicate using dots and dashes.

Previously Mrs. St.Clair came to show after IMG_0083school students how to make solar system key chains, now it’s Morse Code bracelets.

Students chose colors for their dots and dashes, then they found out how their name looked in Morse Code.  They would then string it upon their bracelets and show them off to their friends.  Landon W. said, “It was fun because we got to personalize them!”

Here is a photo of his beautiful Bronc bracelet.  You could make your own bracelet too, all you need is a string and some beads.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!