Annual Reception Honors Retirees, Recognizes Continuing Contract Teachers

On Thursday, May 22, 2014, Sheridan County School District #2 staff members gathered at Sheridan High School to celebrate those among their ranks retiring in 2014. Additional recognition was given to continuing contract teachers, who have now reached a significant milestone in their career.

The reception opened on a light note with some humor from Superintendent Dougherty, before progressing into more formal recognition presented by building principals.  Among other accolades, Mr. Dougherty thanked the 27 retirees for their years of dedication and ongoing commitment to education in Sheridan County School District #2.

While the retirees represent the conclusion of many years providing education services, the other group recognized at the reception embody the beginning of a commitment to excellence. Twenty-one teachers were recognized as "continuing" contract teachers - a milestone that distinguishes them as outstanding teachers and reaffirms the District's desire to have them spend their entire  career with Sheridan County School District #2.

With so many excellent educators continuing their work with the District, the path forward will undoubtedly be marked by successes similar to those achieved by the teammates moving on to pursue other ventures.