Bear Read-a-thon Kicks Off

Sagebrush Elementary kicked off the 6th annual Bear Read-a-thon on January 11th with a "Read-In". Students and families filled the gym to enjoy some pizza and hear about some strategies to help students with reading and comprehension. The Read-a-thon is being run in conjunction with the One School-One Book initiative. The One School-One Book program is run with the intention of creating a community wide discussion. The book to be read is Charlie Bumpers vs. the Teacher of the Year. Each weeknight, there is a chapter assigned. There are questions and discussions that take place in classrooms throughout the next day regarding the previous night's reading. Students are encouraged to talk about the reading with their families as well as their peers.

The Read-a-thon is the Sagebrush PTO fundraiser for the year. Students are asked to seek out pledges and donations to support their reading as well as the activities the PTO hosts. Through this fundraiser, the Sagebrush PTO can continue to provide equipment and activities that support student success.