Welcome to the SCSD#2 calendar! From here, you can view events information for all schools and associated activities throughout the District. We have compiled a brief set of instructions for navigating the calendars, in addition to using other convenient features.

The District-wide Academic Calendar is available as one of the calendar options below for viewing in conjunction with school- or activity-specific calendars, and is also available in PDF form:
District-Wide Academic Calendar

Navigating the Calendars

  1. From the list below, click the corresponding box for the calendar(s) you wish to view.
  2. Once you have made your selections, click the "Update Calendar View" button at the bottom of the list.
  3. The page will reload displaying events for your selected calendars.
Please note, once the page reloads with your selected calendars, you can refine your selection at any time by clicking the "Change Calendars" link and changing your selection.

Alternate Viewing/Subscribing to Calendars

When viewing a selection of calendars, you have the following additional options at the bottom of the page:
  • View <Calendar Name> in Google Calendar: clicking this link will open the respective calendar in Google Calendar if you wish to view it in the traditional calendar layout, rather than the agenda view used on this site.
  • Add <Calendar Name> to your Google Calendar: clicking this link will add the respective calendar to your own Google Calendar profile, so that you can overlay your own schedule with these events. If you are not currently signed in to Google, this will prompt you to sign in before adding the calendar.
  • Get iCalc Calendar: If you wish to add the events to your own non-Google calendar (e.g. Outlook, etc.), click this button to download the iCalc file. This file can be imported into Outlook or many other calendar programs so you may overlay your own schedule with these events.

Select calendars to view:

District-wide Academic Calendar
Board Meetings
Henry A. Coffeen Elementary
Highland Park Elementary
Meadowlark Elementary
Sagebrush Elementary
Story Elementary
Woodland Park Elementary
SJHS Academics
SJHS Athletics
SJHS Performing Arts
FMHS/WPJHS Academics
FMHS/WPJHS Performing Arts
SHS Academics
SHS Performing Arts
SHS Basketball - Boys Frosh
SHS Basketball - Boys Soph
SHS Basketball - Boys Var/JV
SHS Basketball - Girls Frosh
SHS Basketball - Girls Var/JV
SHS Cross Country
SHS Football - Frosh
SHS Football - JV/Soph
SHS Football - Varsity
SHS Golf - Fall
SHS Golf - Spring
SHS Indoor Track
SHS Soccer - Boys
SHS Soccer - Girls
SHS Swimming - Boys
SHS Swimming - Girls
SHS Tennis - Fall
SHS Tennis - Spring
SHS Track and Field
SHS Volleyball - Frosh
SHS Volleyball - Soph
SHS Volleyball - Varsity/JV
SHS Wrestling
Money Calendar Winners