Civic Leadership Class Makes Old Highland Park New Again

This year Fort Mackenzie High School (FMHS) offered a new class: Civic Leadership. As part of implementing lessons, the first quarter students decided their class project would be to help make the old Highland Park building a little more FMHS.

Highland Park was originally an elementary school and the students in the leadership class came up with a number of activities as a way for the high school students to better identify with their new building. The project was comprised of three main parts:  cleaning up the overgrown courtyard, painting all trash cans in FMHS blue and green, and scrubbing away old mascot paw prints and painting on our new school mascots.

There was lots of excitement as the changes took place and the building took on a little more Fort Mac character.  It will be an on-going project, but so far students and staff alike love the results of everyone's work.