Classroom Pets: A Lazy Lizard

by Summer S., Wrangler Roundup Staff

LizzardOpenMouthMs. Sparks has an awesome class pet, a reptile named Jorge'.  He eats mealworms and crickets.  Her class loves watching him eat his crickets and mealworms because he thinks he is a hunter.

Jorge' is a leopard gecko from Petco.  Ms. Sparks picked this one because when she saw it, she instantly knew that it had a good personality.  It also followed her finger when she put it in front of the cage.

Whenever she teaches her class, all he does is shed, eat its skin, and SLEEP.  All the kids do is ask if they can feed and pick him up.  If you pull its tail, it will fall off and soon grow back.  They call it a defense mechanism.

Ms. Sparks is too scared to pull it off because the tail looks so neat, and because she doesn’t want to get bitten!