Classroom Pets: Buttons the Bunny

by Hailey F. & Jenna S., Wrangler Roundup Staff

We went to Ms. Caywood's classroom one day to take pictures of Buttons and to learn more about him.  Here is a list of our questions and Ms. Caywood's answers.

Everyone Loves ButtonsName? Buttons
Gender? Male
Age? 3
Weight? 2 pounds
Where from? Little girl
What year did he come to the class? 2014
How long have we had him at WP? 2013
Colors? Black with brown spots
What does he eat? Timothy hay and rabbit pellets.

How often does he sleep? He stays awake during the day, so sleeps at night.  I don't keep track of how many hours he sleeps.  He does take a nap or two from time to time.

Buttons the BunnyDoes anyone take him home on the weekends? He stays here on the weekends and I'm sure he enjoys a little peace and quiet.

Does he have any bunny friends? He doesn't have any bunny friends, but he is good friends with my two dogs, Sugar and Butters.

Does he like to play with the kids? He likes to play with the kids and run around the room.  If the kids lay on their tummies he will jump on them and tickle their pant legs with his front paws.  All of the kids love to play with, and hold, Buttons.

Does he have any special snacks?  He has a salt block, and I get him special bunny snacks sometimes, but he seems to prefer the hay.