Classroom Pets: Sammy the Salamander

by Jenna S., Online Student Newspaper Staff

He came into the school in 2012
He eats living earth worms and mealworms
He is from Ranchester
He is 11 ½ inches long
He weighs 1 lb.

It's Sammy the Salamander from Mrs. Stevens' room!!!!!


Funny story:SammySammy

Once upon a time there was a lonely salamander named Sammy crawling through the streets of Ranchester.  He was hardly staying alive searching for food and water.  He was starving to death but he knew that it would be better than even one minute locked up in a cage with humans staring at him!  But, while he was out looking for food he was snatched by great big hands that belonged to the grumpy old Luke Stevens.  He finally got used to living in a cage one month later.  He now lives in classroom #236 at Woodland Park Elementary school.

True story:

The Stevens' were going along their afternoon routine on a Friday in Ranchester when Luke went into the garage to hang out with his parents.  Out popped a salamander from under the truck.  “Mom look what I found!” Luke shouted as he pointed at the salamander. “Sweet, catch it” his mom said.  Luke picked up and examined the 11 ½ inch salamander.  He then put it in a bucket.  The Stevens' got a cage and food and they have had Sammy ever since.