Coffeen 2nd Graders Combine Writing and Science In Dinosaur Study

For the first District Writing Assessment of the year, Henry A. Coffeen's second grade students focused on writing an opinion paragraph supported with facts. In an effort to integrate science, students studied information about dinosaurs, specifically, Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the Velociraptor. Students chose the dinosaur they thought was the most interesting to be the subject of their opinion paragraph.

Due to their efforts studying and writing, Henry A. Coffeen students performed very well on the District Writing Assessment. To celebrate their hard work, the entire second grade took a field trip to Sheridan College. The Sheridan College education students organized dinosaur focused activities for our students. These activities included: building a habitat, making a volcano, dinosaur jeopardy, and "excavating" a fossil. During this trip, students also visited the model of Caesar, the Allosaurus, which was found in Wyoming.