Collecting Evidence and Questioning Suspects

This is how the first day of third quarter started at Fort Mackenzie High School. As students entered the building they found themselves in the middle of a mock crime scene complete with police tape and police officers. After answering a questionnaire regarding their knowledge of the crime; students worked in small groups using appropriate social skills, investigative skills and keen powers of deduction; students were asked to solve a mock crime scene. Lab tests were conducted by each group on evidence they collected; measurements were taken and used in formulas to determine stride length in order to establish the approximate height of the guilty party. After lunch there was a mock trial in which students played the roles of expert witnesses, defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, judge, bailiff and 12 jurors. Each expert witness gave testimony on the findings of their group and some teachers were called to the stand to explain the testing procedures. Finally, some of the suspects had to take the stand, but in the end the jury could not find guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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