Community Support Crucial Resource For Success At Story School

Many studies have shown that family and community involvement is a crucial resource for rural schools and has a positive impact on student achievement, so the success of students at Story School should not surprise anyone, given the continued  supported of the Story community.

Last month, Story hosted the 2nd annual Fall Festival and Chili Cook-off in the gym. Although this celebration is free to the public, the Story PTO received almost $650.00 in donations.  Many community members also volunteered to help run booths, entered chili in the cook-off, or contributed baked-good donations for the games.  This most recent event highlights the long history of the Story community's involvement in the school.

For many years, the Story Women’s Club has donated $10 per student toward the purchase of books for students at Christmas. Even though the students choose their books in fall, they are always surprised to get a package of Christmas books!  Additionally, many individuals contribute their time and talents to Story.  Jo Elliot, a retired teacher, runs the Story Public library, and hosts bi-weekly lessons for our students at the library, in addition to many special events throughout the year.  Another fabulous volunteer from the Story community is Mr. Sage. He is a local author who comes to Story School a couple times a month and shares his creative stories with our children, while encouraging them to use their minds and pencils to do the same.

These examples of community involvement are just a few of the ways members of the close-knit Story community have supported the children at Story School. We appreciate this support and express our thanks whenever possible.  Each Christmas, the students of Story School deliver special holiday baskets to members of the community as a way to show them how much we appreciate all they do for us. These baskets include notes, baked goodies, and handmade ornaments.