Connecting with Community

The community of Story is rich in history, and Story School and the Story Library have come together to make sure our younger generation is familiar with it. Instead of memorizing facts and dates in a classroom setting, students have been paired with older Story residents to learn about Story's past on a more dynamic and personal level.


Each 3rd through 5th grader has been paired with a volunteer, long-time Story resident. They meet each month to visit, play, talk about their memories of Story and tell fascinating tales of growing up here. In return, students share bits and pieces of their own lives in modern day Story. Everyone learns and strong relationships are built.


Last week, students and their partners met at the Woman's' Club. Everyone brought photographs to share. When they were finished, Jo Elliot from Story Library challenged the partners to some creative building experiments - using blocks, Popsicle sticks, and plastic cups to build structures following guidelines Jo came up with. It was amazing to see what the teams created!


Story School is so grateful to our older residents for volunteering their time and their hearts to help give our students a sense of the living history that they are surrounded by every day. It adds a richness to their lives that words cannot express. Our thanks also go out to Jo and her crew at Story Library for their ongoing support and dedication to our students and the Story Community at large.