Dance Unit- Bringing P.E. & Music Together

Why do we have a Dance Unit with Music and P.E. classes at Sagebrush? There are many reasons. Here are just a few of them:

Dance is a form of exercise. Dance is music made visible. Dance grows new connections in the brain, which makes learning and moving easier. Dance is creative. Dance brings people together. Dance teaches social skills and acceptance. Dance allows people to express themselves. Dance teaches about other times, places and cultures. Dance can be relaxing. Dance is fun and entertaining.

Dance critic Scott Iwasaki writes:

"There are NO language barriers, yet it communicates with power. There are NO boundaries. It heals wounds. It tells stories. It causes a ruckus and calms the wild beast. Dance can do ANYTHING--except go away. Dance IS HERE to stay."

So why do we teach dance at Sagebrush? We teach it because it helps kids grow into kinder, more confident people who want to share the world with others.

--Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore, Mr. Hoeft and the Sagebrush staff would like to say thank you for supporting the Sagebrush Dance Unit.