Story Fire Department Welcomes Story School!

In celebration of Fire Safety Week, on Wednesday October 7th, Story Elementary students and teachers walked down the Story Voluntary Fire Department to meet with Chief Meineke and find out more about life at the fire station. They received a big surprise when Smokey the Bear showed up! Smokey and his friend, Ranger Sarah, told the story of the original Smokey the bear cub who was caught in a fire and rescued by Forest Service workers. He was nursed back to health and spent the rest of his life teaching people about fire safety.

After meeting with Smokey and Sarah, students talked to Chief Meineke about fire safety in their homes and the importance of having an evacuation plan in case there is ever a fire. They learned about fire alarms and how to “get low and go”. This discussion was very informative and our students now know just what to do in case of a fire in their home!

After all this discussion, it was time to explore. Chief Meineke led the students through the firehouse, showing them the different pieces of equipment. He explained what each one was used for, and even let the kids get some hands on experience with the hoses & water bladders used to fight forest fires, as well as the water cannon that is mounted on one of the big fire trucks. While the students were there, a call came in and they got to see the quick response of volunteer firefighters. It was very exciting, and we all hope that everyone involved in the call is safe and sound now.

Many thanks to Chief Meineke, all of the Story Volunteer Firefighters, Smokey the Bear and Ranger Sarah for keeping our homes and our public lands safe. We had a fun time learning all of this important information about fire safety.