Forever Friends: 06 May 2015

by Medora Perkins, Wrangler Roundup Staff

Forever Friends Poster 1Here are the latest messages from our Forever Friends basket in the school library.

  1. Parker T. is really kind and so is Emmy. ~Addison
  2. Kaden is awesome. ~Anonymous
  3. Mallie K. is the nicest friend (hearts). ~Anonymous
  4. Emily is nice. ~Anonymous
  5. You are nice Mrs. Stewart. ~Addison
  6. To Lexie, You're SO nice and cute. ~From Jodi
  7. You have such pretty hair Necia. ~Anonymous
  8. Lexie is nice and pretty. ~?
  9. I like you Alexa (heart). ~Anonymous
  10. I (heart) Kysa. ~Anonymous
  11. I like you Jackson. ~By Addison
  12. Forever Friends Poster 2To Jackson, You are my BFF. ~Kaden
  13. Mrs. Stewart is the nicest teacher ever (heart). ~Sophia F.
  14. Addison, you are Awesomer than any body in the whole wide world. ~Anonymous
  15. Mary Atter is nice! ~Anonymous
  16. Emily is so nice! ~Anonymous
  17. Kate is so nice. ~Love Sophie
  18. Mrs. J is a nice teacher to me! ~Love, Emily S.
  19. Ava is my best friend. ~Anonymous
  20. Lexi and Emily are so nice. ~Anonymous
  21. Emily is NICE! ~By Malea
  22. Mrs. Stewart is the best Librarian ever.  We should have her all of the years! ~Anonymous
  23. Forever Friends Poster 3Lizzy is so nice. ~Anonymous
  24. Sophia is so nice. ~Anonymous
  25. I love hugs from Mrs. Sanders. ~Anonymous
  26. Maggie is so nice. ~Anonymous
  27. Sophia is NICE!! ~By Malea
  28. Emily is VERY nice. ~Anonymous
  29. Madison is nice. ~Anonymous
  30. Don't go Miss Sparks, just don't do it! ~Anonymous
  31. Malea is SO nice. ~Anonymous
  32. Our school nurse is the best for ever! ~Anonymous