Former Sheridan Student Joseph D. Kunz Becomes Newly-Published Author

Contributed by Christina and Kevin Winzenried

Joseph D. Kunz, a former student of Coffeen, SJHS and SHS, is now a newly-published author. While attending school in Sheridan, many of Joseph's teachers worked happily with him as he learned skills and grew his imagination. Today, Joseph's imagination and writing skills have led to the publication of his ebook, THELPIO part one: Rise of the Pursuers. The fantasy/action trilogy was inspired by many of his classmates in Sheridan.

To connect with Joseph, you may find him on his Facebook page (Joseph D. Kunz), or to learn about his newest ebook find THELPIO part one: Rise of the Pursuers on Amazon and GoodReads.

Joseph's parents, Christina & Kevin Winzenried, would like to thank the District staff who helped him find his dream.

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View Joseph's ebook on GoodReads