Lil’ Chefs Make Pizza and Smoothies

by Jocelyn R., Guest Reporter for the ASP

ASP Fun Friday - EmersynASP Fun Friday - JocelynOn March 13th, Fun Friday students came together to make smoothies, pesto pizza, and a delicious surprise.

Students were very eager to make and eat a scrumptious mini-meal.  This amazing idea was created by Kylan S., who may have been a little hungry when she thought of it.  After all the students cheered for Kylan's great idea, it was time to get cookin'.ASP Fun Friday Ice Cream - Bailey

Students split into two groups, one for smoothies and one for the pinwheel pizza.  All the students gathered around while Ms. Kohler and Ms. Smart taught students how to make a banana and strawberry smoothie, and Ms. Kennedy taught the students how to make a no-bake pizza.  After all that, the room filled with sighs, as the students thought all the fun was over.  Soon happiness filled the air, as the students heard they would be making ice-cream!

Children frantically tried to sit quietly, but knew they would have to wait even if they couldn't hold in their excitement.

After all the cooking was finished, the students simmered down as they ate their delicious ice cream.

Still, every student’s heart is singing “AWESOME!”