Meadowlark 4th Graders Attend Agriculture Expo

Knowledge sprouted like alfalfa at the annual 4th grade Agriculture Expo on September 23rd.  In conjunction with the study of Wyoming history, each year 4th graders from around the district are invited to the Sheridan County Fairgrounds to learn about animals, soil, food production, and countless other agricultural practices that make our state special.  This year's expo continued the tradition of fourth grade Meadowlark students enjoying the informative and interactive experience.

Local 4H members led the students around to stations where they learned about churning butter, substances that can and cannot be recycled, local plants, greeting unfamiliar animals, and even where local sugar and grains are used.  One constant favorite is a station at which students get a hands-on look at the organs that make up real animals. These activities and more made it a morning of fun, but students also walked away with valuable information about both agriculture and our state as a whole.

4th AG day