Mr. Sage Storytelling at Story Elementary

Every first and third Tuesday of the month, Story School students are taken on grand adventures and travel to exotic locations filled with wonderful heroes and creatures thanks to the imagination of local children’s author David Sage. Mr. Sage is keeping the tradition of oral storytelling alive and well in this small community, and Story students sit rapt as he weaves his tales.

Mr. Sage is the author of many engaging stories, notably his Heirs of the Medallion series, a children’s action adventure trilogy about a brother and sister who find they are heirs to an ancient silver medallion, and their experience unraveling the story of their ancestors and the medallion. Mr. Sage’s stories, and the questions he asks about them, engage student imagination in ways that Mr. Sage points out are useful when applied to  everyday applications in school: “Imagination is not limited to benefiting only writing. Imagination is needed for solving math or science problems, it is needed in athletics, and in the is needed to fix a car! Imagination can impact our entire lives.”

Mr. Sage is not only active in Story School. He is a bit of a local celebrity at Story Library, where he was recently a featured author at their Snapshot Day event. He and fellow local author Lois Slater, who writes adult western adventure mystery books, held a book signing and took pictures with fans. If you can’t make it to one of these events, Mr. Sage’s books, as well as his books on CD, are always available for loan in the children’s section at Story Library.

Mr. Sage grew up listening to his parents tell of their world travel and adventure from the ranch they eventually settled on in Northern Wyoming. He draws his stories from this as well as his own experiences gained adventuring through parts of Africa, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. He believes that listening to his tales in oral form and using their imagination to produce the corresponding images is a workout our students’ brains are thirsting for as an alternative to the visual input fed to them by television and video games. We agree, and are so grateful for the time he spends with us!