Orchestra at Story Elementary

The students at Story Elementary School have the unique opportunity to learn how to play the violin, in an after school program. Once a week, the 1st-5th grade students meet to learn new techniques on the violin. The students in the class vary by grade and ability level and the class size ranges from 3-12.

This opportunity is in addition to their music and piano classes that are offered during the school day. Students are encouraged to rent or buy a violin to practice at home, but it is not required, as the school district provides violins for them to play while they are at school.

The students learn violin through the Suzuki Method, which is the “Play what you hear” method. These students do not yet read music, so they can focus on proper violin posture, technique, and sound. They are currently learning the songs Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Hot Crossed Buns, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. The Story violin students perform twice during the school year, once at the Christmas concert, and once at the Spring concert.