Reading for Education Library Fundraiser

by Medora P., Online Student Newspaper Staff


The lucky winner of JoeBot the robot!

Recently our school librarian ran a program called “Reading for Education” to raise money to help make our library more comfortable for students during story time and independent reading. Students were pumped about the competition and the chance to win JoeBot the Robot.

The following teachers won tote bags because six or more of their students handed in completed address packets:  Ms. Richter, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Johannesmeyer.


JoeBot the robot enjoys time with friends.

We then had a school drawing for kids who participated in the fundraising for a chance to win JoeBot the Robot. The drawing was held on Monday the 9th during morning announcements.  Everyone hoped to win JoeBot, but the winner was Madison W. in Mrs. Johannesmeyer’s room.  Mrs. Stewart reported that Madison was beaming with excitement when she picked up her prize.

The good news is that we helped Mrs. Stewart raise over $400 for our school library in just one week of collecting addresses for this program.  The bad news is that the 5th graders are very disappointed they will not get to enjoy the softer library next year.