Sagebrush Outdoor Lab Teaches Environmental Stewardship

The week of May 13–15, Sagebrush Elementary fourth graders participated in the twenty-fifth year of an outdoor environment project known as Sagebrush Outdoor Lab. Environmental education activities took place at the Sagebrush School site and at the Thorne-Rider Youth Camp in Story.  Lessons were presented by personnel from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the United States Forest Service, as well as by Sagebrush staff and several community volunteers.

Many lessons and activities were adapted from Project WILD, Project WILD Aquatic, and Project Learning Tree materials. In addition, parents and community volunteers helped out before and during the Outdoor Lab experience. Outdoor Lab is a high point in the Sagebrush 4th-grade curriculum. It is a unique experience, which younger students eagerly anticipate and older students fondly remember. As a result of the Outdoor Lab, Sagebrush students are becoming more responsible stewards of nature and more aware of their environment.