Sagebrush Wins Traveling Trophy Challenge #1 – Partners in Pink

Sheridan County School District #2 is not only interest in the health and wellness of students, but also of its staff!

All staff members were recently invited to participate in a monthly activity to promote wellness and camaraderie. The introductory event was the Partners in Pink walk/run sponsored by Sheridan Memorial Hospital on October 11th. We had a great turnout this year as approximately 100 staff members participated in the Partners in Pink event. Sagebrush won the first of the six challenges by having thirty-one staff members (approximately 50% of the entire staff) participate in the event. Other schools that also showed high numbers of participation included Highland Park and Meadowlark with 16 and 15 staff attending respectively. Sagebrush set the bar high for all the other schools/buildings in the first of six monthly challenges. For their efforts the Sagebrush staff will hold the coveted 3' high Wellness Trophy for a month and also will receive wellness food trays of meat, cheese, fruits, and veggies.

The winner of next month's challenge will be decided based on the percentage of staff that participate in the "Maintain, Don't Gain Holiday" Challenge. This is the same challenge that approximately 150 staff members participated in last year. This year, teams that maintain their weight (collectively) over the six-week holiday period with be awarded a Bountiful Basket to share with their team (team of seven of more will get two baskets to share). Staff should start thinking about their teams for the "Maintain, Don't Gain Challenge" that will officially begin on November 24th. More information will become available in the coming weeks.