SCSD#2 Reports Highly Educated and Dedicated Staff

At the Sheridan County School District #2 board meeting on January 12th, Assistant Superintendent Terry Burgess reported that over fifty percent of Sheridan County School District #2 teachers have chosen to enhance their teaching through a masters’ degree or National Board Certification.  Teachers spend 500-800 hours to complete the masters program tied to the field of teaching.  Mr. Burgess added that twelve teachers in the District have chosen to take advantage of the National Board Certified Teacher program, dedicating 200 hours to complete the program.  To gain certification, the teachers must record their teaching and defend their teaching video.  In all, 157 teachers in the District have masters degrees and 12 teachers are National Board Certified.  The twelve teachers with National Board Certification are: Jami Clifford, Tyson Emborg, Rita Geary, LaDonna Leibrich, Elizabeth Swager, Sara Stevens, Jennifer Jones, Kristie Reimers, Angela Romanjenko, Teri Rowland, and Cindy Dunham.