“Sharpening the Saw”

Recently, our 4th grade teaching team was able to attend an education conference in Denver. From the Leader in Me, we know that Stephen Covey describes personal and professional learning as "Sharpening the Saw."  Their reflection from that conference is represented in unique ways that they help students to delve into their reading and think at much deeper levels than ever before.  As teachers are meeting with students, their focus has shifted to asking questions that require a deeper level of thinking on the students’ part.  Teachers adapt their conversations with each student to deepen their understanding of complex readings.

Students have noticed the changes in the classroom, as well. Below are some thoughts from our 4th graders regarding these changes.

“A notebook is a mini brain. It helps you remember stuff by jotting it down. In your brain, it could fade away. In your notebook, the only way it goes away is if you erase it.”

“Mrs. Burnett, I love being at school with you. It really lets me show you who I am.”

“You’ve made this classroom one of the most comforting places for me.”

“I love readers' workshop because I get more time to read.”

“I’m not the kind of person that writes things down, but today it came naturally.”