• Eight SJHS Students Receive "ZERO Award" for Educational Commitment

    Sheridan Junior High School is proud to recognize 8th grade students who have earned the “ZERO Award” for their effort during their 1st semester. The ZERO Award recognizes students who have finished first semester with zero failing grades, zero absences, zero unexcused tardies, zero missing work, and zero behavioral referrals.

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  • Student Jobs at SJHS Build Life Skills, Responsibility

    Not all learning at Sheridan Junior High School (SJHS) is based in the classroom. Every day, students in Mrs. Martini’s room get unique, hands-on opportunities to learn valuable life skills while helping the school. The students are responsible for a variety of functional jobs at SJHS, including delivering copies, delivering messages from the office, collecting recycled materials, and many others. With the role these jobs play in helping the school run smoothly, it is no surprise that the students remain very busy throughout the day!

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Sheridan Junior High School

At Sheridan Junior High School (SJHS), we value growth, achievement and citizenship through a supportive environment. These values lie at the heart of everything we do, and guide our fundamental purpose: to ensure that every one of our students learn.

Having strong values and purpose gives clarity and direction to SJHS, while allowing us to set new year-to-year goals based on student needs and past performance in academics, assessment and other areas of student support.

SJHS is proud of our programming and outstanding community/parent involvement. Support for students begins at the classroom level with teachers providing individual guidance for students requiring additional help, and expands to school-wide programs such as tutoring, responsibility interventions and a variety of special education services. Fostering parent communication is always an improvement goal, and our teachers make frequent contact with parents to grow our communication and engagement.

Sheridan Junior High News

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    SJHS 7th Graders Participate In Holocaust “Gallery Tour”

    Sheridan Junior High School’s 7th-graders recently had the opportunity to study documents and replicas of artifacts from Holocaust survivors during a “gallery tour.” The station pictured includes a replica of an instrument used to tattoo prisoners, which was created by the school’s 3D printer. Other stations included an interactive timeline, videos, and posters from the National Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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    SJHS Parent Teacher Conference Schedule for 11/6-11/7

    SJHS Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up on Thursday, November 6, and Friday, November 7. First quarter report cards will be distributed at conferences. Please closely review our scheduling information, especially if you have students in multiple grades as each grade is run uniquely.

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