SJHS Mock Constitutional Convention

From April 27 through April 29, 2015, the SJHS seventh grade U.S. history classes of Renel Ellis and Ed Calkins experienced a mock Constitutional Convention. Classrooms were decorated as an example of the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall) with state delegate tables covered in green tablecloths and adorned with a candle, turkey feather pen, and state nameplate. Students were assigned roles with name tags as one of the fifty-five delegates from twelve states who attended the convention. They read backgrounds, views, and roles played during the convention on their assigned person and applied the information in the mock convention. Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Calkins played the role of the president of the convention, George Washington (Mr. Calkins even wore a powdered wig) and lead the convention in a meeting format. The students focused on reasons why the convention was called, the process for creating the constitution, the main problems the convention faced, and how they were addressed through compromise. Students participated in several plans of government that were proposed, debated, and voted on. Fun was had by all, and the students learned about the basic foundation of how our government was created.