Springtime Brings Growth and Learning to Story Elementary

After a long winter, this spring brought a welcome change to Story School and provided learning opportunities about the natural world. As the ground thawed, students eagerly awaited the growth of tulip bulbs planted last fall - watching, measuring carefully, and waiting to see flowers appear. As with many schools this time of year, the appearance of jump ropes, basketballs, and games of Red Rover, Red Rover, were sure signs of spring. Once the weather became warm enough, teachers and students began taking lunch outside to eat picnic style, which is always a favorite for students!

Inside the building, students felt a special “egg-citement” in the air, as the classrooms were full of incubators nurturing pheasant, chicken, gosling, and duck eggs. This gave students a unique, hands-on opportunity to learn about the growth and development of the contents of the eggs with a weekly candling activity. Learning about the parts of the egg and how they contribute to safe development was a large part of the activity. Such a unique learning experience provides opportunity for teaching other skills besides life science, daily writing, and math were also encompassed in this unit. As usual, the older students proved to be wonderful mentors to the younger ones in these activities. Following hatching, students set up nurseries for the offspring to learn more about the care and feeding of the animals.