Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Miller

by Summer S., Online Student Newspaper Staff

Mrs. Miller has taught Kindergarten and 1st grade at Woodland Park.  She taught Kindergarten for 13 years, and this is her second year teaching 1st grade at Woodland Park. She taught Kindergarten and 1st grade in Missouri before she came to Sheridan.

Her  favorite colors are blue and green.

Frogs are her favorite animal to collect and look at, but she does not like touching them.  She really loves dogs and cats for pets.  She has a dog named Izzy and a cat named Tigger.  Her favorite dog breed is the border collie.

Mrs. Miller LOVES teaching writing.  She cannot wait to read what kids have written.  She says writing is so much fun, because the writer can write about whatever they want!

Her favorite month is October because her favorite holiday is Halloween.  She loves decorating her house and she especially loves spooky decorations!