Story Kid’s Cooking Club

To meet the needs of the Story students and families, Story School offers an after-school program four days a week called "Kid’s Club". This extra time in school not only gives the students a chance to finish their homework with tutoring assistance, but also provides extra remediation and enrichment opportunities for the students.

Cooking each Tuesday is one of their favorite enrichment activities! In addition to learning how to follow recipes, the kids collaborate with their peers as they prepare various foods and problem solve to assign various roles for the preparation. They are learning proper measurements and sequencing of tasks.

Some of the foods prepared this year include: Mac and Cheese, Apple Dumplings, No Bake Cookies, Nachos, and Oatmeal Cookies. In January, we had an administrator from SCSD #2 join us in making quesadillas. One-hundred percent of the students at Story School have attended Kid’s Club at one time or another this year, with fifty percent of the students attending regularly.