Story Students “Skate Into a Good Book”

Upon returning to school after Christmas vacation this year, Story students were faced with a challenge from their teachers: Read lots, and be rewarded with a trip to the M&Ms Ice Rink!


Kindergarten through 2nd grade students were asked to read at least 100 minutes a week, and 3-5th graders were asked to read 150 minutes a week. Students kept logs of their reading time and their progress was charted from week to week. In the end, each student stepped up to the challenge, and the whole school enjoyed a fun filled morning at Sheridan's beautiful new ice skating facility!


Some students had been skating for years, and for some it was their first time on the ice. We were so proud to see the more experienced students stepping up to help out their friends who were a little less stable on skates. Our beginners were real troopers - they hung in there through frustration and tears, and by the end of our time, every single student was zipping across the ice with smiles on their faces.


Lots of parents showed up and played a huge roll in supporting beginning skaters, as well as enjoying a fun outing with their children. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us! Our thanks also go out to Lori and Dave and everybody else at the Whitney/M&Ms ice rink for their hospitality in welcoming Story School to their beautiful ice rink! We made lots of memories and sore muscles and can't wait to come back!