Student Jobs at SJHS Build Life Skills, Responsibility

Contributed by Toby Laird

Not all learning at Sheridan Junior High School (SJHS) is based in the classroom. Every day, students in Mrs. Martini’s room get unique, hands-on opportunities to learn valuable life skills while helping the school.  The students are responsible for a variety of functional jobs at SJHS, including delivering copies, delivering messages from the office, collecting recycled materials, and many others. With the role these jobs play in helping the school run smoothly, it is no surprise that the students remain very busy throughout the day!

While helpful, these jobs are really about creating a hands-on learning opportunity for students. By providing real-life interactions, the jobs add value to the school setting because they teach kids practical lessons about important, everyday life skills. As part of these jobs, students work on following charts and checklists, as well as social interactions and greetings with staff and peers.

This year has seen the addition of a new job that is much loved by staff and students alike: the Coffee Cart. Every morning, students are in charge of measuring out coffee grounds and water, greeting staff appropriately, collecting money, and keeping a balance sheet. Staff in the Early Building have enjoyed being able to interact with students while getting their early morning pick me up. Additionally, students working at the Coffee Cart look forward to the job each day because they are making a positive impact in the lives of others.