Technology Brings Classroom Resources Home

Teachers at Henry A. Coffeen strive to integrate technology into their classroom teaching. One of the unique advantages of technology and web-based learning resources is the ability for students to use the same resources at home as they use at school.

This year, we are fortunate to be a one-to-one device school, meaning each student has access to their own technology device for learning purposes. All kindergarten through second grade students have access throughout the day to their own iPad, and third through fifth grade students have access to a Chromebook.

These devices provide students with the opportunity to use technology authentically throughout the day, and facilitate the use of web-based learning platforms which can also be accessed at home. Using the same resources both at school and home brings consistency to the learning experience for students, parents and teachers alike because it allows them to all utilize the same tools.

Below is a list of resources students can access at home. If you need information regarding your child's log-in, please contact his/her teacher.