Woodland Park After-School Family Night

Circuit Display Boardby Beth Kennedy, District ASP Coordinator, Guest Reporter for the ASP

ASP Family NightThe Woodland Park C.A.R.E. Afterschool Program was buzzing with activity and excitement on Wednesday afternoon (April 22) as afterschool teachers and students prepared for Family Night. Students proudly carried projects, displays, experiment items, LEGOS, and insects, to the gym and carefully arranged them on tables. Last minute adjustments to experiments and displays were made.Cool Cubes ASP Display Board Students helped each other put finishing touches on projects and were very creative coming up with items to make sure their project boards remained in place. Chromebooks were placed next to some projects to showcase presentations. Parents helping to set up even made quick 4th Grade Display Board Owl Bonestrips to the store for new batteries to make experiments work.

At last it was time.  First and second graders eagerly donned their hand-made “lab coats”. They could hardly contain their excitement as parents ASP Mealwormbegan arriving. After a delicious pizza dinner, everyone watched a slide show and enjoyed remembering all of the fun activities experienced throughout the yearASP Electrical Projects during our C.A.R.E. program. Students then took their places at the display tables and parents enjoyed seeing all the hard work that students put into their projects.

First and second graders proudly showed their parents the mealworms they had “adopted” (now metamorphosed into darkling beetles) and amazed onlookers with what they knew about insects.  They also conducted several experiments around the gym and enlightened parents with information on the science behind their experiment.

Circuit-dough LizzardThird through fifth graders were busy as they manned stations at two locations. In one area, they told parents about Owls and Pellets and showed off their pellet dissections and slide presentations. At Mindstorm LEGO Student Robotsanother, several projects were in action which highlighted individual electrical projects that students created.  We even had a circuit-dough lizard with light-up eyes! Mindstorm LEGO students showed off the robots they built and programmed.

Family Night was a great way to highlight the Woodland Park C.A.R.E. program and let parents know about the engaging activities that take place every day at our afterschool program.

This guest reporter is very grateful to work with such amazing students. Thank you Woodland Park kids, for all of the wonderful memories!