Woodland Park Announcements and Reminders – April 2014

As always, we have lots of exciting items to share with you this month!

Announcements and Reminders

        • After-school program starts back up the week of April 7th.
        • If you signed up for a yearbook but haven't paid for one yet, please pay Mrs. Wood in the front office as soon as possible.
        • When dropping student of please avoid stopping where the curb is painted red. Use the drop-off loop that has the yellow curb. Also, there is no supervision at school until 7:30. An adult will be in the cross-walk to help your child cross between 7:40 and 7:55 am.


Celebrate Progress: Suggest that your child create a fun reminder of all the things they have accomplished. Provide five positives to every negative and show enthusiasm for what your child is doing in school.

Play is for Everyone: Play boosts imagination and relieves stress for kids of all ages. Try working together, on a group project or playing a game. A team effort is needed and everyone can be a winner.

Help your child respect differences and themselves: Have your child tell you something they have in common with another child along with something that makes them unique.