Woodland Park Elementary School

At Woodland Park Elementary, we are proud of the school’s mission statement, “A Community that Believes all students can Achieve.”The mission statement is our school’s touchstone; it illustrates that our learning community including the principal, teachers, students, and parents clearly share a common purpose for student learning.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our students and parents, and encourage involvement in our learning community from parents, community members and other stakeholders. Because of our community mindset and support for learning, parents and community members are always welcome at Woodland Park Elementary.

As educators, we take student achievement very seriously and boast higher than average state scores over the last several years. Our primary academic goal is for all students to learn and improve academically. To this effect, we employ a diverse set of educational tools and offer special programs to provide each student with the right tools to achieve success.

Woodland Park Elementary News

  • Classroom Pets: Sammy the Salamander

    by Jenna S., Online Student Newspaper Staff Clues: He came into the school in 2012 He eats living earth worms and mealworms He is from Ranchester He is 11 ½ inches long He weighs 1 lb. Answer: It’s Sammy the Salamander from Mrs. Stevens’ room!!!!!   Funny story: Once upon a time there was a lonely salamander named Sammy crawling Continue Reading

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