Woodland Park PTO Hosts Teachers & Staff Appreciation Week

During the week of May 5-9, the Woodland Park PTO hosted daily events to celebrate the dedication and success of Woodland Park's teachers and staff. Throughout the week the PTO provided either breakfast or lunch for staff members.  Each day had its own theme relating to the efforts of the men and women who make the school successful.

The daily events included:

MONDAY – Monday's theme was “Thanks for always ‘chip’ping in to help our students!” As part of the theme of helping students, the PTO provided chips and dip from Qdoba.

TUESDAY – Recognizing the importance of being able to improvise, Tuesday's breakfast celebration was titled “Thanks for always ‘scrambling’ to do an ‘egg’cellent job at WP!”  As everyone knows, surprises happen and excellence does not always occur in the way it was planned.

WEDNESDAY – Maintaining the quality of services for students can be exhausting, but Woodland Park's teachers and staff always manage to bring their best. For lunch on Wednesday, the PTO brought fried chicken from Albersons to say, “Thanks to all our teachers and staff for hanging in there, no matter how ‘fried’ you get!”

THURSDAY – As an educational institution, the effectiveness of Woodland Park is based entirely on the interactions between teachers/staff and the students. Jimmy John's sandwiches were provided on Thursday to honor the importance of educators in achieving success, and followed the theme, “Our teachers and staff are the ‘bread and butter’ of WP Elementary!”

FRIDAY – Woodland Park cultivates a community atmosphere, meaning the teachers and staff are not strangers, but are in fact friends, neighbors and extended family who are entrusted with our children. Recognizing the personal bond that is shared, Friday's pizza lunch told teachers and staff:  “Thanks for doing your part to steal a ‘pizza’ our hearts this school year!”

In addition, Tastefully Simple gift baskets were raffled off during the week to over a dozen lucky staff members as an added bonus this year!

The ultimate goal for the week was to show every teacher and staff member how much he or she is valued and appreciated by the parents of Woodland Park's PTO! Every one is a valuable part of the Woodland Park team, and the school would not realize the success it does without every person doing his or her part. Above all else, the PTO worked to show the teachers and staff have made a difference in the lives of our students.