Woodland Park Starts IXL Math for Early Birds September 8th

Finding ways to make math practice fun for students makes it easier to engage the student for longer periods of time. IXL is an online resource that not only helps students build core skills in math, but also makes math practice an engaging experience.

Parents with students in grades 1-5 are invited to drop their children off early to school (7:30 AM) on the day of the week outlined below, starting September 8:

Mondays – First graders
Tuesdays – Second graders
Wednesdays – Third graders
Thursdays – Fourth graders
Fridays – Fifth graders

School Librarian and Media Technologist (Jenn Stewart) will monitor students in the Computer Lab from 7:30 AM to 7:50 AM throughout the school year for all students who wish to have an extra 20 minutes per week, practicing their math skills, using the IXL math program.

IXL is not just about helping students learn math, it’s also about helping them enjoy learning math concepts. From interactive games and exercises, to virtual awards and hidden prizes around every corner, practicing math is like one big treasure hunt with IXL.

For more information on the specific math skills covered within each grade/age group, visit: www.ixl.com/math.